hello, i'm

david hazardous

i'm from wilmington, delaware. and i do all sorts of shit.

i like sound, but especially

electronic music

i currently work primarily in renoise (a modern DAW) for album and score production. With over 10 albums under my belt, i'm competent in the technical aspects of mixing, mastering, vocal recording, live instrument mic-ing, and syncing with video projects, as well as being able to arrange and produce original pieces, remixes, and more.

i also love

video production

From filming, to directing, to acting, to editing, to scoring—i'm what some (myself) would call a "full-stack" producer. i understand the value of quality content and narrative editing before dazzling technical effects but am not averse to dramatic styling.


communication should be easy. that's why i'm into strong

logo & graphic design

Logos are the refinement of an entire marketing campaign into a single, easily-recognizable, portable image. Thus, they need to scale with the needs of the client to be able to deliver as much engagement as possible. Also print material and shit.

right now, you're seeing my

web design

the internet can be an ugly place, but it doesn't have to look like it. sleek, clean, professional. these are my sacred watchwords, tattooed to my heart in monospace. view source!

with catalyst visuals:

all geometry is sacred, but my focus is on


OpenSCAD is an invaluable tool, but my main method is good old paper and glue. From icosahedra to geodesic spheres to snub dodecahedra, i enjoy every facet of polyhedron building.



i Google it, just like everyone else. i guess i just like hackin around. view source, i guess?

from leather to yarn, i practice

the sartorial arts

I have a 20 year history of sewing, from design to execution. This has more recently expanded to fiber arts in general, and leathercraft. i prefer to work with found materials.

if you try hard enough, you can

contact me

i probably don't really want the work, if it's a job. but if i know you, or you're a nonprofit, or you just want to collaborate or talk, hit me up: